Electric Mini Breakfast Egg Roll
Electric Mini Breakfast Egg Roll
Electric Mini Breakfast Egg Roll
Electric Mini Breakfast Egg Roll

Electric Mini Breakfast Egg Roll

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Quickly prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast for you and your family in 7 minutes.

You can mix and match your favourite ingredients, such as bacon, ham, fruit and vegetable and minced meat, it is the best choice for your nutrition breakfast.


Easy to operate, the automatic machine makes egg roll quickly and easily. You can enjoy healthy and nutritious food even at home. Children can also operate independently.


You can also add ham, carrot or mince to make different flavour egg rolls.


Before use, warm up the machine for 2min. Pour 3 ~ 5ml of oil. Then apply 10 ~ 15 times on the inner wall of the machine with a brush rod.


Then add eggs. Note: You can add two eggs at a time. For other ingredients, add an egg. The volume of all ingredients should not exceed 2/3 of the cup. Avoid spillage of ingredients after heating and expansion. If you want to break up the eggs and add them to the machine, you just need to stir gently with chopsticks to avoid prolonged stirring and excessive air in the egg liquid.


Wait for the delicious egg rolls to rise.


Classic egg rolls:


Bacon egg rolls:


Ham egg rolls:


Tons of recipes are waiting for you to create.


Non-stick inside of the machine is easy to clean and it comes with a cleaning brush.


360 ° heating makes the egg rolls evenly heated and the heating time is shorter.


ABS shell is durable and heat-resistant.


The funnel-shaped mouth prevents raw material from spilling over.


Detachable design for the power cord and the machine is convenient to move and storage.


Other accessories included in the package: